Magic in action

hide smart socket plain cover

This is what your outlet looks like: no visible connectors, just a plain cover

sockets hidden inside the wall

Slide up the cover and find the sockets hidden inside the wall

the plugs fit inside Hide smart socket

Now easily connect the plugs and see how they fit inside Hide

hide smart socket plain cover

The magic happens! Close the cover and there it goes: nothing in sight!

Tidy, stylish, secure.

How keen are you in making your place a nice, modern, gently styled place to live or work? Think about it: you choose the best looking furniture, you’re focused on your budget to get the highest value for you money, you try to match the colours, pick the most original finishings and accessories and everything…

and then? Take a look at those power outlets: same ole’ story. White, bright plastics with a couple of holes and a black plug in, sticking 2 inches out of the wall.

Well, forget this now. Hide makes the plug disappear and leaves your wall clean and available. For your furniture, for your safety, for your creativity. Installation is easy with no need of changing anything but your old outlet.

Hide’s famous 2-minute installation

Just tear your old AC outlet off the wall, reconnect the wiring onto Hide’s connectors and push Hide into your standard 2-gang electrical box

installation hide smart socket step 1

Remove: First of all, shut off electricity to the entire house using the top circuit breaker. Then detach the cover plate, unscrew the outlets and disconnect the wiring.

installation hide smart socket step 2

Connect: Reconnect the wiring onto each of Hide’s outlet sockets, exactly like they were connected on your old outlet.

installation hide smart socket step 3

Insert: Insert Hide into your standard 2-gang electrical box, being careful not to pinch the wires, and tighten the screws to security. You’re done.

Control your home, enjoy your music.
Get the most out of your AC outlets.

Hide’s cover will soon become a support for a number of smart devices, including your favorite Voice Assistant. Pre-order now and be there first.

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