Tidy, stylish, secure.

ac outlet socket hide

Free your walls.

Hide protrudes from the wall by less than 1/2 inch, leaving it always fully useable. And the plug is there, but you can’t see it.

tidy stylish secure hide smart socket

Protect your children.

With Hide there’s no more harm for the kids. Hide’s cover lid protects the electric contacts and avoids misuse and incidents.

A tiny, little canvas.

Have you ever had the opportunity to express yourself on a standard AC outlet? Hide’s cover is your next vernissage place.

ac outlet

Standard measures and installation.

Hide mounts on standard flush-mounting box. Just take off your old dual socket outlet, connect the wiring to Hide’s standard connectors and insert into the wall. Easily done!

Hide is 100% Italian creativity

Over 1 million pieces retailed in Italy and the EU since its launch in 2012, Hide is now ready in U.S. standard. Creativity has no more boundaries. Get the latest Italian smart thing now.