Italy Innovazioni presents Hide to the US market: an opportunity for tech-enthusiasts and investors to make contact with an unexplored field of smart home application.

Hide, the world’s very first recessed AC outlet, will have its US première at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, NV, on the 8th of January 2019.

Hide represents the first attempt in the history of AC outlets to turn the electrical socket into something stylish and secure. Over the last 120 years, AC outlets have been quite almost the same: exception made for some variety in materials and finishing, it’s always been all about three holes in the wall where people would connect their plugs in. With Hide, the plug disappears behind the sliding cover and the wall remains tidy, cleaner and more secure. Hide allows you to use the entire span of the wall for furniture and complements, without having those standing two or three inches from the wall because of the plugs popping off the wall surface; moreover, it’s more secure for children, because the poles are hidden by the cover lid.

But what’s more interesting is the AI & Home Automation project: thanks to a clever system that brings low voltage electricity to Hide’s cover, the cover itself can become any smart home control device: a thermostat, a CCTV camera, a fragrance diffuser or even a speaker through which people can listen to music coming from their smartphones.

Italy Innovazioni will be presenting in a world premiere the first working prototypes of Amazon® Alexa™ and Google® Home covers at CES 2019.

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