Hide installs on standard flush mounting box.
Take the old outlet out, put Hide in. Easily done!

How do devices get power?

A transformer takes 12V CC form standard AC electricity, which is brought to the cover devices by special contacts mounted on the cover’s sliding rails.

On-board 5V transformer
Installed directly on Hide’s body, turns 125V power to electronic-friendly 5V.

Electric micro-conductors
5V electricity is brought from the transformer through Hide to the top its chassis.

Contact rail guides
Low-voltage power is so supplied to the smart cover directly through Hide.

How do standard plugs fit in Hide?

This is what your outlet looks like: no visible connectors, just a plain cover

Slide up the cover and find the sockets hidden inside the wall

Now easily connect the plugs and see how they fit inside Hide

The magic happens! Close the cover and there it goes: nothing in sight!

4 Standards.

Hide as an AC and data outlet is already available in both US and Italian standards; UK and EU (German) standards are production-ready.