Hide, the most innovative AC outlet that hides the plugs inside the wall, candidates to be listed at Paris stock exchange on the Euronext Access market.

Miami, FL, USA and Milano, Italy – (December 10, 2018) – The board of directors of Italy Innovazioni S.p.A., owner of Hide, the world’s very first and unique recessed AC outlet that revolutionizes the concept of power sockets, and majority shareholder of IT Creation, LLC has approved the process of candidating the company to be listed at Paris’ Euronext Access+ Stock Exchange.

Italy Innovazioni holds 34 worldwide patents regarding Hide, its functioning and its design model. Over the last few months, the company has raised 1.6€mio in private investments and figures show it’s now ready to be presented on major markets.

The board of Italy Innovazioni S.p.A. has chosen Paris’ Euronext Access market to candidate the company because of its specific focus on startups and innovative SMEs. As a matter of facts, Italy Innovazioni S.p.A. meets all the requirements issued by the Italian Government to be qualified as an innovative SME.

Italy Innovazioni’s flagship product and project is Hide, the world’s very first and unique recessed AC outlet that has retailed over 1mio pieces in Italy and Europe and is now about to be launched in the US alongside a very innovative Smart Home & AI project.

Giorgio Rende, CEO of Italy Innovazioni, says “Our company has reached a level of maturity that urges us to make the next step. Making nexts steps always implies making decision, and deciding to candidate ourselves for a listing at Paris’ Euronext stock exchange seems to be the right decision for our stakeholders and for the success of the Smart Home project. We’ve had a very quick growth until here, we’ll continue on this path.”

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